18 Scripts For Awkward Conversations

To help you talk about money, negotiate prices, protect your happiness, and quiet the busy bodies.

You can FINALLY have those tough conversations + feel happier and more free in your life and relationships

I've had approximately a million awkward conversations - negotiating for lower prices, telling people to stop asking about my personal life, even managing my own inner dialogue.

And I bet you'd like to have those conversations but you're not sure where to start, right?

This book gives you the exact scripts you need to have them, too.

I just negotiated nearly 50% off our internet bills. We'll save about £300 over the next year. Onwards to the rest of the utilities!

– Bryony M.

You'll Learn:

  • How to have these conversations most effectively (read: without yelling or disolving into tears)
  • Why people - even people you love! - might criticize your version of happiness + how to deal with that
  • Why almost any bill is negotiable + how to negotiate without feeling self-concious or cheap
  • How to talk to yourself before you encounter people or situations that usually make you feel insecure. Self-doubt be gone!

After your purchase, you'll immediately have access to download the complete ebook with interactive worksheets to help guide you on your way, plus audio downloads of each chapter so you can listen on the go!

Get started now!

Since I read 18 Scripts, I've managed to navigate conversations with family members and friends without conceding any ground on my life choices.

– Stephanie S.

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Sarah Von Bargen
Sarah Von Bargen

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