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How to Put Yourself on a Spending Diet + Earning Spree, How to Get What You Want, and 18 Scripts for Awkward Conversations

How to Put Yourself on a Spending Diet + Earning Spree

How to Put Yourself on a
Spending Diet + Earning Spree

The no-deprivation-required guide to spending less, earning extra, and not hating your life while doing it.

  • How to change your spending without feeling deprived, using a method you've probably never considered before
  • How to set a budget that encourages creativity + exprimentation (not one that makes you hate your life)
  • How to stay excited and motivated about your Spending Diet when your friends are all buying $13 drinks
  • Tons of ideas for bringing in extra money - not just taking an extra shift at work or doing overtime!

Sarah's Spending Diet helped me bring in an extra $300 this month! Once I put energy toward my goal, I saw results almost immediately! Some extra yoga classes came my way, I saved $60 not spending money at Starbucks, and I even got an unexpected check in the mail! Plus, I don’t feel deprived.

– Summer

18 Scripts for Awkward Money Conversations

18 Scripts For Awkward Money Conversations

To help you talk about money, negotiate prices, protect your happiness, and quiet the busy bodies.

  • How to have these conversations most effectively (read: without yelling or disolving into tears)
  • Why people - even people you love! - might criticize your version of happiness + how to deal with that
  • Why almost any bill is negotiable + how to negotiate without feeling self-concious or cheap
  • How to talk to yourself before you encounter people or situations that usually make you feel insecure. Self-doubt be gone!

I just negotiated nearly 50% off our internet bills. We'll save about £300 over the next year. Onwards to the rest of the utilities!

– Bryony M.

Get What You Want: A Handbook

How to Get What You Want: A Handbook

Stop the self-defeating B.S. and start being awesome.

How To Get What You Want is a fun, conversational, SUPER SIMPLE hands on way to... get what you want! Lot's of people talk theory, but this guide lays it out step-by-step. It's so simple that once you actually hone in on what you want, there's no way you can fail.

– Caryn Gillen

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