Habit Schoo LIVE: Autumn 2018

Create + commit to the habits that build the life you want

You're smart. You already know that good habits will get you closer to the life you want.

And you're totally aware of the bad habits that are pushing you further from your goals. But you just can't seem to make habit change stick.

When you try to change things it looks like:

  • drinking smoothies every morning for a few days and then falling off the wagon
  • resisting Netflix binges for a few weeks, but then you have a bad day and you're back at it
  • seeing other people who seem to have all figured out; you wonder what they know that you don't

You look at other people and find yourself thinking:

"How can she go running every morning? Doesn't she ever want to sleep in?"

"He never seems tempted to order a third beer. Why not? Where does he get all that self-control?"

"Every day she unpacks some impressive salad she brought from home and I'm over here with my mediocre $10 deli sandwich. Why can't I be like that?"

Make It Stick Habit School is your bridge from knowing better to DOING better.

You already know what you should be doing. You just need your brain and body listen. This 6-step system and course will help you understand how to make habit change stick - for good.

"This course helped me realize that working out/being active every day is key to my happiness: I feel better, eat better, and look better when I do. With Sarah's humor, humility, and science-backed strategies, I haven't missed a workout since I took Habit School.

I know I'll miss a day eventually, but Habit School has also prepared me to lessen the impact of that by planning alternate activities and, most importantly, going easy on myself."

- Bobby S.

This course is closed for enrollment.

After you learn the Habit School system to change your habits:

  • Your good habits feel effortless and almost second nature
  • You're finally free of those bad habits that have dogged you for years
  • You're not tempted or easily derailed; you don't waste energy struggling with self-control
  • If you do fall off the wagon, you treat yourself with compassion and grace; then you get back up and keep going

"I loved Habit School! 1. Because it helped me realize why all my other good habits have slid right off me. And 2. because it actually. Made. Good. Habits. STICK! I'm not kidding you. It just worked, and it made me feel amazing.

I've been able to replicate that same success over and over, with little habits that I was so discouraged about not being able to accomplish before. It is a whole new way of looking at how you behave, and it has really and truly helped me make steps towards being the Nora I want to be."

– Nora M.

With this course you will:

  • Create a specific-to-you plan for changing your habits
  • Gain an understanding of why your attempts at habit change have failed in the past
  • Learn science-backed strategies for avoiding temptation and reinforcing good habits
  • Stock your habit-change toolbox with methods you can apply over and over again, to any habit you want to make or break

"This is the magic formula. I've been trying to build a regular fitness habit for a decade, but I wasn't allowing myself room for any deviation whatsoever. If I didn't beat myself up on the treadmill for an hour every day, I called it a failure. That was not sustainable.

Now I have a whole collection of mini 'bookmark' activities that I love to do, so that when I can't get in a 'real' workout, I'm still moving my body every day and maintaining my habit."

– Erin G.

After you sign up, you'll immediately have access to:

8 modules + a private Facebook group for support + accountability

4 live Q & A sessions

9 video + audio lessons

17-page workbook

Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive an email with your workbook and access to the whole course!

You'll also get:
How to Get What You Want: A Handbook

Stop the self-defeating B.S. and start being awesome

Get What You Want: A Handbook

  • Figure out what you want (finally!)
  • Pinpoint how you're sabotaging yourself
  • Create a plan to stop your self-defeating behavior
  • Break down your goals into super-doable steps

This course is closed for enrollment.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You want good habits to feel effortless and second-nature.
  • You want to keep your resolution and goals ... for longer than a few weeks.
  • You're tired of feeling uninspired and obligated to develop 'good' habits because you think you 'should.'
  • You want to give up mindless eating, impulse spending, or social media and you don't want every day to feel like a struggle.
  • You know good habits are the framework that support a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. You just don't know how to stick with them!

This is not for you if:

  • You're only chasing a finish line or a number. Lasting habit change isn't about the size of your jeans or the zeros in your bank account. It's about process and mindset.
  • You want a quick fix solution that you can just put in place immediately without any emotional work.
  • You want to develop 12 new habits in 21 days. That's not how this works 😉
  • You're looking for one-on-one accountability. That's great! It's not included in this course, but we've got tons of group accountability!

Hi! I'm Sarah Von Bargen.

I believe our good habits nudge us closer to what we want and our bad habits push our dreams further away.

How do I know? Because I've spent the last 10 years tweaking my daily habits to create a pretty great life, ifidosaysomyself.

Here's how the Habit School system has affected my life:

  • I developed a daily writing habit and became a full-time blogger.

  • I nailed down daily sunscreen habit and still occasionally get carded (I'm 39).
  • I curtailed my impulse spending habit and paid off $50,000 in school debt.
  • I killed my procrastination habit and earned a master's degree while working two jobs.

And I did it all without feeling deprived, miserable, or trapped by to-do lists.

Of course, changing our habits isn't as simple doing something every day for 21 days. (Believe me! I tried.) Real, lasting habit change starts with understanding our motivations and triggers + rewiring our brains and bodies to actually crave good habits and reject bad ones.

The methods I use aren't magic and they aren't complicated - you probably just haven't thought of them before! Which is why I created this course. I want everyone to know that reaching your goals and having the life you want can feel (almost) effortless. Truly!

"I like that Sarah encourages us to ask why we want to change a habit in the first place. We rarely consider if we're changing a habit because someone else wants us to! And I loved the cheat sheet for working through the Make It Stick method with any habit - makes it really easy!"

– Rachel T.

"Where was this information all my life?!! Habit School helped me discover why my new habits haven't stuck in the past. The suggestions to focus on how I feel when I do the bad habit, and then what I want to feel is mind-shifting!"

- Amy C.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you just going to tell me to do something every day for 21 days?
Nope! In fact, I think the 21-days-to-a-habit thing is total B.S. Every habit is different and every person is different. I'll be teaching you the exact 6-step system I use for analyzing my own habits and creating a plan to change them. Then you can apply my system to any habit you'd like to change!
I've tried to change my habits a million times before. What makes you think your approach will work for me?
Most of us don't consider what motivates our habits when we try to change them. Trying to change a habit without understanding the cause is like treating a symptom without knowing the illness. Make It Stick gets to the root of your habits. Why do you keep doing these things you know are bad for you? Why do you give up on things you know are good for you? What situations make you want to abandon good habits? How can you plan ahead for those situations? I help you answer these questions! And when you know the answers, habit change gets a million times easier.
Will this course help me run a marathon/quit smoking/eat a salad for lunch every day?
The methods you'll learn can be applied to making or breaking absolutely any habit! I’ve had students use these methods on all types of habits - spending habits, eating habits, social habits, workout habits! And like anything in life, what you get out of it is directly proportional to what you put into it. 😉
What if I fall off the wagon?
We've got a module for that! The entire last section of the course is devoted to habit maintenance, self-compassion, and recommitting to habits when/if we get derailed.

This course is closed for enrollment.