How to Get What You Want

A Handbook – Stop the self-defeating B.S. and start being awesome

  • Figure out what you want (finally!)
  • Pinpoint how you're sabotaging yourself
  • Create a plan to stop your self-defeating behavior
  • Break down your goals into super-doable steps

How To Get What You Want is a fun, conversational, SUPER SIMPLE hands on way to... get what you want! Lot's of people talk theory, but this guide lays it out step-by-step. It's so simple that once you actually hone in on what you want, there's no way you can fail.

– Caryn G.

This book helped me get really serious about the actions I needed to take to reach my goal. Like, stuff I have now put on my calendar.

– Stephanie S.

Your Instructor

Sarah Von Bargen
Sarah Von Bargen

Hi, I'm Sarah Von Bargen.

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