Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is

Saving money and loving your life don't have to be mutually exclusive! This 6-week self-paced course will teach you how to do both.

You walked into Target intending to buy bread and toilet paper.
Somehow you spent $173. Again.

You've got school debt, credit card debt, and a car payment.
You need to pay them all, but you don't want to hate your life.

You feel like you need to choose between making boring, responsible financial decisions and having the life you want - travel, nice meals, a lovely space.

Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is changes all that.

This self-paced 6-week course teaches you a totally new way to look at spending and managing money – a way that leads to more discretionary income, less stress, and more happiness.

After you learn to put your money where your happy is:

  • You've rejiggered your spending and you're a lot closer to a downpayment on a house or that trip you've been dreaming of.
  • You know what makes you happy and don’t get hung up on other people’s expectations.
  • You’re confident and calm when you log into your bank account. You know exactly what you’re going to find and why.
  • When you fill your shopping cart, it’s with things you know will bring you joy - no more purchases you regret once you get home.
  • Your life is filled with meals with friends, fulfilling hobbies, delicious food, and trips to interesting places.

I've taken every financial and budgeting course imaginable, but none of those courses got to the root of why I was making poor financial choices. This course has helped me change my thinking so I can design a life I want to live and spend my hard earned money funding that life. This course has more than paid for itself - and it is so fun!! I'm truly excited to begin my newly designed life."

– Alanna M.

This course helped me realize how much money I've wasted on 'close enough' purchases, especially when something pretty is on sale. It really made me think about the ways I was wasting money, even though I thought I was good at intentional spending. It even helped me learn how to change those behaviours!

– Kate Ashley

95% of students say this course paid for itself within one month.

What you'll gain in this course:

      • An understanding of why you spend money the way you do
      • An understanding of what really makes you happy
      • A new relationship with your money
      • A plan to make your day-to-day life happier
      • For many students, this course pays for itself in a month!

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This course is the perfect blend of conversational, helpful advice and actual unique insights. It wasn't just like, "Spend less, save more, make more money!" I learned specifics and the activities were really helpful. Since taking Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is, I've actually changed my spending habits!

– Samantha Zimecki

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6 self-paced modules

24 video lessons

26 page workbook

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Inside the Facebook group, you can get answers to all of your questions, share your journey and struggles, and chat with other students and me about how we’re all adding more money and happiness into our lives!

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This is for you if:

  • You have a basic understanding of budgeting, even if it hasn’t worked for you in the past.
  • You feel stressed when you look at your bank account.
  • You don’t want to penny-pinch or coupon-clip.
  • You worry that life won't get better until you earn more money.
  • You can ‘afford’ a lot of things, but you tend to regret your purchases.

This is not for you if:

  • You want a strategy for earning more money. That’s not what we do here.
  • You want retirement or investment advice. I’ll leave that to your financial planner!
  • You never, ever make regrettable purchases and you have impeccable self-care. Congratulations! You do not need this course! I’m happy for you!

Hi! I'm Sarah Von Bargen.

I believe you probably need less money than you think to have the life you want.

How do I know? Because I've done it.

Not many years ago, I was earning $16 an hour as a teacher at a non-profit, paying down $50,000 of school debt, and living in one of the top 20 most expensive cities in America.

Despite that dismal financial situation, I lived in a cute apartment in a nice neighborhood, paid off my car, paid down my debt, and saved enough money to take a trip around the world for 10 months.

And I did it all without living on ramen or making myself miserable.

The methods I used weren't magic and they weren't complicated. I created this course so I could share them – because everyone could use more money and more happiness in their lives.

This course helped me realize I was spending up to $75 a week on regrettable purchases AND it helped me reduce my 'unavoidable' expenses by almost half! That means this course paid for itself 3x in just one month!

– Hilarie D.

I was skeptical going in that spending money would help me save money, but it was totally worth it. Sarah is the first person who's ever encouraged me to look at my budget and ask "Does this make me happy? Does my budget match my values?" I feel really optimistic that I can finally get a handle on those miscellaneous, regrettable purchases that have always sunk my budget.

– Sarah C.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm already on a tight budget and I don't think it's possible to spend any less. Will this course help me?
Everyone's financial situation is different, but I've worked with people who thought they'd cut everything they could from their budget. When they used my methods, they discovered they were spending $150+ every month that they didn't need to!
I'm already pretty good at budgeting. Can I learn anything new from this course?
I'll let my student Jordan answer that: ""I put a lot of thought into my finances and am a great budgeter, and I still found this course to be really helpful. It wasn't just your basic budgeting course - it makes you take a hard look at not only your spending but the result of that spending - is it making you any happier? The life lessons you learn here are just as important as the financial advice.
Will I need to know a lot about accounting and spreadsheets to complete this course?
Nope! The only math you'll be doing is addition. And if you want to use a spreadsheet, all you'll need is the 'sum' tab.
How does this compare to (Someone Else's) personal finance course?
Most personal finance courses have a one-size-fits-all approach to money and spending. They assume that everyone has the same financial goals (make more, spend less) and the same spending patterns. They assume that everyone will be made happy by the same things. Other courses fail to consider that different things make different people happy and those happy-making things come at different price points. They also fail to consider the mindset behind purchases. We can't change our spending habits if we don't change our mindset. Put Your Money Where Your Happy Is teaches you how to do just that!