How to Put Yourself on a Spending Diet + Earning Spree

The no-deprivation-required guide to spending less, earning extra, and not hating your life while doing it.

Have more money; fund your dreams.

I paid down $50,000 of debt while earning $16 an hour. Annnnnd I did it while living in a cute apartment, going out with friends, and still getting the occasional $5 latte.

This book explains how I did it and - more importantly - how you can too.

Sarah's Spending Diet helped me bring in an extra $300 this month! Once I put energy toward my goal, I saw results almost immediately! Some extra yoga classes came my way, I saved $60 not spending money at Starbucks, and I even got an unexpected check in the mail! Plus, I don’t feel deprived.

– Summer

You'll Learn:

  • How to change your spending without feeling deprived, using a method you've probably never considered before
  • How to set a budget that encourages creativity + exprimentation (not one that makes you hate your life)
  • How to stay excited and motivated about your Spending Diet when your friends are all buying $13 drinks
  • Tons of ideas for bringing in extra money - not just taking an extra shift at work or doing overtime!

After your purchase, you'll immediately have access to download the complete ebook with interactive worksheets to help guide you on your way, plus audio downloads of each chapter so you can listen on the go!

Get started now!

My husband and I saved up enough to get ahead on a debt and have some left over for a quick AirBNB stay in NYC!

– Fiona B.

Your Instructor

Sarah Von Bargen
Sarah Von Bargen

Hi, I'm Sarah Von Bargen.

My books and courses about money + happiness have helped thousands of people change the way they navigate finances - all without clipping coupons, taking a second job, or cutting the cable.

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